Bumble and Bundle

Crafty Lines

Bumble and Bundle


You ever looked at your child's artwork and thought, "what in the world is this?". We took that idea but turned it into a beautiful print. Abstract shapes and lines in neutral tones is the perfect bag companion! 

Momma, tired of just throwin' it in the bag and when it's time to retrieve it, you gotta dig to find it? That stops now! All of it--the disorganization, the clutter, the mess. You owe it your tote bag, diaper bag, work bag or catch-all bag. Stop the disorganization and get organized with carry-all pouches!

You deserve to find what you're looking for in your bag.

Even more, your shoulder and back deserve a break from all that carrying!

Sometimes, it's better to just grab a pouch when headed to the restroom to change a diaper, so leave the carry on luggage behind (or at the table)! Bumble and Bundle has you covered with the ultimate zipper carry-all!

The "Crafty Lines" pouch is:

  • An abstract  design that makes you go, "you get me!"
  • Denim lining provides a sturdy but soft structure. From diapers, to clothes to books, this pouch has you covered.
  • Machine Washable
  • Dimensions  10 x 7

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