Unlocking Charm: Elevate Your Pouch Game with Our New Cute Bag Charms Collection!

Hey Momma!

In the world of organization, every detail counts. It's not just about what's inside the pouch but also about the little touches that make your daily routine a delight. That is why Bumble and Bundle is sooooo soo excited to introduce our latest addition to the family – Pouch Charms! These small but mighty charms are here to redefine your pouch experience, adding a personalized touch to your organization routine. We decided to add charms to the product assortment thanks to you!

As a brand, we asked moms what they love about Bumble and Bundle and what items would be helpful. We heard ya'l loud and clear! Labels to help identify what is in the pouch. If you've had a Louis Vuitton bag charm before, our charms are similar but uniquely different. Our charms have a cute graphic to symbolize what is in the pouch. 

Before we get into the ohh and awww of showing off the charms, lets talk about why pouch charms matter.

1. Stylish Organization:
Organizing your essentials just got a stylish upgrade! Our charms are designed not just to adorn but to complement your pouch collection. From sleek and minimalist to bold and playful, there's a charm for every style. Plus, there is nothing worse than thinking you grabbed the diapers but it's really the snacks. While snacks are amazing ( I love a good snaxk), they aren't as helpful when you're little one has a blow out.

2. Ease of Identification:
In the sea of bags, having a distinct bag charm can make all the difference. Easily spot your pouch in a crowded tote or backpack – no more fumbling through the abyss to find what you need.

Ready to charm your way to a more organized and stylish life? Explore our latest Pouch Charms Collection and discover the magic of organization. Our first collection features 4 charms-- Baby items, makeup items, tech/notebook items and snack items. All charms are made of super durable silver hardware and features a lobster clasp to easily attach and detach. Here's a look at the charms: 


Cute bag charmsBag charm baby


Shop the collection now and let the charm journey begin! 🛍️✨. And because I love ya for reading the blog and supporting, use code charm10 for 10% off your order. 




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