Three Useful Items to Include in the Diaper Pouch

When I was a first time mom, I packed and packed and PACKED the diaper bag as if I was going on a hiking trip in the Rocky Mountains....for 2 weeks. All I was missing were the pots and pans. If you needed a flashlight; I had it! Or, if you needed a tent, I had it!  The only problem— I was only going down the street to the grocery story. Now granted ,with a new baby, a trip outside the home is definitely an adventure but it doesn’t warrant hiking boots or a tent. As a mom of 2, I’ve learned that I could certainly pair down.

Below are 3 things that I found useful in the diaper bag in addition to diapers and wipes. Sometimes, with these 3 items, diapers +wipes and snacks, my diaper pouch was complete. 

  1. Hand Sanitizer. I’ve been to some public bathrooms that had little no water pressure so the water came out in drops. My kid just had a blow out and I didn’t have 20 minutes to spare to wash my hands. The great thing about hand sanitizer, they are small enough and don’t take up much space in the pouch.
  2. A full body onesie instead of a 2 piece outfit. I soon realized that sometimes the I would forget to do an equal swap between the soiled clothing and the fresh article of clothing. For example, if the pants were changed out, I would sometimes swap in another shirt forgetting all about the pants. If you always pack a full body onesie, this won’t be an issue. And yes, as a mom, unequal swaps are more common than you think. You’re not alone!
  3. A plastic baggie (or other eco-friendly option) to store the soiled clothing. Because yuck——no one wants yellow stains on their Bumble and Bundle pouch!
  4. Yeah, I said 3, but here’s a 4th. There were times I would pack a swaddle or other lightweight fabric. The places I’ve had to change a diaper—yeah, we could laugh about it over a glass of wine. Let’s just say, it’s come in handy.

Hope this list is helpful! The above items will fit perfectly in to your Bumble and Bundle pouch as they are lightweight. Don’t have a pouch yet? Momma, girl, what are waiting for? Check them out here.



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