Practical Ways to Pack Christmas Gifts for the Return Trip

Belated Merry Christmas!!! So, the presents are unwrapped. The kids are occupied (at least until Jan 2nd) with all their new toys, accessories and clothes; however, now it’s time to kiss the kids family and pack everything up—including the gifts. The only problem, there are more gifts than you anticipated so you’ve expended the extra room in the suitcase you set aside when you first packed for the trip. If you’re in a pickle wondering how to pack all of the gifts you and your kids were not expecting, then this post is for you. Below are helpful solutions when you didn’t anticipate for so many gifts and didn’t pack accordingly on the way down.

  1. Mail your luggage. If there are large items or fragile items, it may be worthwhile to mail your luggage to your home address. USPS offers flat rate shipping for Priority Mail Boxes starting at $8 and up to 70 lbs.. This especially helpful for fragile items.
  2. Take toys out of the packing boxes and put them in ziploc bags. Sometimes, the packing boxes themselves have unused space. Another option is to used the empty space in these boxes. Once the toys are in, throw in some socks or smaller items. Yes, unpacking may be a headache but atleast you’ll have space on the return trip.
  3. Hit up your local Dollar Tree or Five Below to grab a tote bag or bookbag.The latter is especially helpful if you are traveling by train or plane. Just pop it on your back and get to moving! Many airlines do not charge a fee for personal items such as purses, handbags and bookbags.Use your bags wisely and save ya coins!
  4. Share the wealth! Don’t feel obligated to only use your luggage. Spread the wealth by putting a little bit of gifts in each suitcase.
  5. Stuff socks and shirts into shoes. Yes, roll and stuff. Roll and stuff! This frees up a little space without you struggling for 32 minutes to close your suitcase while sitting on it.

Do you have any tricks that you’ve found useful when the gifts to pack on the return trip were more than anticipated? Let us know in the comments. We’d love to hear from you!

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