Packing A Diaper Bag that Works For You

Hey Momma! Let’s start by group hugging! Motherhood is hard! Sometimes, we can over complicate things like packing a diaper bag. There are countless diaper bag essential checklists and advice from moms—good advice—but alot of advice. I guess this blog post is more advice, haha; however, I’m not telling you what to pack but what not to pack. Yes, seriously, let’s unpack that diaper bag.


Disclaimer: the tips referenced below are for diaper bags beyond the newborn phase.


Let’s start with the diaper family. If you plan to be out for 2 hours, do you really need 15 diapers? Like sis, come on! Take some of those diapers out! Second, pack a travel pouch of wipes. I repeat, pack a travel pouch of wipes. There is no reason to pack an entire tub…unless you just want to add unnecessary weight to your shoulders. Lastly, diaper cream. If you’re child rarely needs diaper cream, then why pack it. Ya feel me? A good alternative is a small tube of neosporin which can be used for more than just booty rashes.


Mom and son taking out snack in diaper pouch


Now, turning our attention to clothing. Limit the outfit changes! I have found that designating a few outfits as the backup diaper bag outfit. Even better, pack neutral tones pants/shorts so that it will match whatever outfit becomes soiled. When I see a sale at Target ,Old Navy or the Children’s Place, I legit pick up an outfit for the diaper bag. An even better idea—pack all onsies or rompers! I also pack a few bibs.


Moving on to food, use your judgement. You know your child but also think, how long will I really be out and do I really need the buffet? Keep it real. What has worked well for me is keeping on-the-go formula packets with a bottle and one jar of pureed food in the diaper bag. Easy peasy! I' found that keeping it simple and organized also helps the hubby out! (Can I get an Amen?! …Amen!)


Diaper bag organizer pouch

Minus the 3 categories above, there are a few things that I carry in my diaper bag but I do not remove (which is a life aver—less things to think about packing) such as hand sanitizer, changing pad and toys. 

You know what’s even better, organizing your diaper bag with pouches using the categories listed above: clothing, diapers, food and toys. If you’re ready to be organized, use code diaperbag20 and find your perfect pouch here ---> 

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