Packing A Breakfast Pouch

Working mommas, it happens to the best of us. Even us mommas who are great at managing our time can experience an "oh no, we didn't eat breakfast" moment. It can happen and it does happen. Let's be honest, haha!

REAL LIFE SCENARIO: My daughter, Joy, did not sleep will at all. Every 2 hours, I got a tap on my shoulder, "mommy, I had a bad dream" or "mommy, I can't fall back to sleep". Well, I'm not Major Payne so I would tuck her in and offer some encouraging words. Eventually, I offered to lay down with her to help calm her. It worked but then I couldn't fall asleep and by time I could, it was time to get up. Let me just say...I was dragging. Draggiinnnngggg. Not only did I need to get myself ready, I had my 7 month old son and my 7 year old daughter to get ready which included making breakfast. In the midst of everything, by time I realized it, it was time to leave.

I had no time to make our usual oatmeal and fried egg whites. On the car ride to daycare for my son, I felt so much mom guilt that child #1, my daughter Joy, had left home with no breakfast. Ugh, the mom guilt was intense. It finally calmed and I realized that as moms, we need to give ourselves grace. It also taught me, these moments will happen so be prepared!

How, you may ask? Easy! Pack a few breakfast bars and pack them in the car. Ya'll know I love my pouches and sharing practical ways to use them. So, on those days when time gets away from you or you're in a rush, rest assured that there's a treat in the car. Motherhood isn't about being perfect and everyday has challenges so roll with the punches and pack a breakfast bar!

I've listed my favorite breakfast bars below:

1. Belvita (especially the blueberry flavor)

2. RX Bar

3. Kind Bar Stay strong mommas!

And pack your breakfast pouch!




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