Non Traditional Christmas Stocking Inspiration

Hey Mommas! As I unpacked my Christmas decorations and dusted them off, I frowned upon looking at the same ol’ Christmas stockings. I usually switch up my Christmas theme every 2 to 3 years but being creative every.single.year is just not my jam. Plus, I am not wasting all those ornaments I bought last year; this momma is gonna get her use out of them. So, back to the point—- I frowned upon looking at the same ol’ Christmas stockings. It got my creative juices flowing—what if I used something else instead of the traditional stocking. Instantly, the “you go, girl!” light bulbs went off in my head. Use the Bumble and Bundle pouches!! Duh!!

I opted to use the “Marble Me” pouches as gold goes well with the holiday color scheme. Bumble and Bundle pouches come with wristlets so hanging them like traditional stocking stuffers is easy. I recently moved so I no longer have a fireplace (not really sad as we rarely used it) so no mantle. As a Plan B, I perched the pouches against other presents below the tree. It truly helped to spruce up the gift area. Viola! My Christmas stockings were done!

If you’re stuck on what to fill the pouches with and need some inspo, below is a list of common items I usually throw in:

  • Candy
  • Cookies
  • Travel size lotion/body wash
  • Socks
  • Pen/Notebook set
  • Electronic accessory

Hope that you’ve been inspired!

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xo, Ellyse

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