Make Unpacking Easier with this One Hack

Hey Momma’s!!! Welcome back to Bumble and Bundle. With the holidays approaching, it’s prime time for traveling which means packing which leads to the dreaded unpacking. In my most dramatic 2 year old tantrum voice… dun dun duunnnn. Haha. But seriously, unpacking is not fun. After reading thru several packing checklists, it dawned on me that all of the lists forgot a laundry bag. One of the first things I do when I travel and stay at a hotel is to use the plastic travel bag that’s usually hanging up in the closet. This bag is a lifesaver. When I don’t stay at a hotel, I make sure to pack a few bags. Why It’s A Lifesaver? When it’s time to unpack, I grab the bag and dump all of the clothes into the laundry. There’s no searching thru the luggage, sniffing and analyzing if something belongs in the dirty pile. It makes unpacking so much bearable and certainly cuts down on the time. When I know that I’m not staying at a hotel, I pack my own laundry bag. Now that I have 2 kids, I tend to pack extra bags, especially to keep soiled clothing from other articles of clothing. (Usually when this happens, I’ll rinse the clothing first prior to placing it in the laundry bag). What Laundry Bags Do You Recommend? Great question! When I’m in a punch, I use leftover shopping bags. Other times, to be eco-friendly, I use mesh bags that can easily be washed themselves. It’s important to use a bag that can be easily discarded (recycled) or washed in the event that something spills on it or it picks up the smell of kids toes, Cheetos and armpits. Hope this tip helped. Let us know if you use it! And remember, throw it in the (Bumble and Bundle) bag!
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