Being and Staying Organized

Happy New Year! It’s the wonderful time of the year when resolutions are made. One of the more popular one is to pair down and be more organized. This is a great resolution but it’s also very easy to become overwhelmed and fall to the wayside. Bumble and Bundle is here to help you! We are not allowing your goal of becoming organized and pairing down fall by the wayside! No sis! No momma! Not tud-day! So, how you may ask? It’s simple, and we’ve laid it out below: The first question to ask and answer, is what do you want to pair down and organize? Is it your closet? Your work? Perhaps several closets? Your bathroom? No matter what it is, answer the question. It’s so easy to have a resolution but no clarity around it. With no clarity, the resolution is simply forgotten and pushed to the wayside. The second question to ask is what steps can you take each month to get you closer to your resolution by December 2020. There is this unspoken rule that the resolution must be in high gear by Jan 31st. Na sis, that’s impossible, especially when it takes just as much time to create a habit. So yeah, if your goal is to pair down the closet, write down 12 ways you plan to do so. Example: Remove and discard all documents, Organize all clothing, Donate shoes that are no longer worn, etc. With 12 ways to pair down, you can assign a month to each actionable goal. Even better, you have 30 days to create a new habit. It’s a win-win! The third question, how can I make it look cute? No seriously, cute accessories always help! Taking the example above, how can items be organized into different pouches (by Bumble and Bundle, of course) and stored away? It’s also nice to have a spot or in other words, a location, for everything to go. Not only are you creating a habit by working on one actionable goal per month but adding a cute organizer accessory creates a home for items to go. In all, clarity + location is the name of the game in working towards and following through on your resolution. To help you on the accessory forefront, use code welcome20 for 20% on your order of carry-all pouches to help you stay organized and cute at the same time!
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