3 Ways to Store School Supplies

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Something that may be on your mind is the 2020-2021 school year and reorganizing your home to fit virtual learning. Space is limited in my home but this momma is making it work! Okkuur! I love a good challenge! (Especially challenges where the winner gets dessert; yum!)  

If you're in the same boat, I want to share  3 cute ways to store school supplies that won't take up (much) space! 

  • Ottomans-- I got mine for $30 and it's super cute. Be sure to get the kind that has a removable top. I got one for the living room so it doubles as room decor. 
  • Under table/ under couch storage bins-- It's almost like hidden treasure! I love it! These are great as it's out of sight and you can store in the kid's bedroom or under the living room couch. 
  • Floating (wall) bookshelves- It's a win/win. Store those books without taking up extra floor space and keep it out of reach from the younger ones. I personally like the ones that have the front portion so books are less likely to slip out. 

I hope this helps! Is your family having to shift to virtual learning? Let me know in the comments below! 




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